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A unique experience
sleeping in a barrel

Welcome to Barrel Land Blidinje!

Welcome to our unique accommodation. Feel the experience of sleeping in barrels with good wine and a bath in a unique wooden jacuzzi. In addition, we are located in the heart of the Blidinje Nature Park.


Sleeping barrel

The experience of sleeping in a barrel is certainly an experience that you will remember for a long time. A large double bed with views of the lake and the starry sky is what is remembered!


At Barrel Land Blidinje you will have the opportunity to try the most unique bath ever! Next to our barrel there is a unique wooden jacuzzi with a beautiful view of the lake. 


In the circle of the barrel there is a place and equipment for barbecue, as well as a modern toilet with all the necessary accessories of the modern world, all packed into a piece of paradise that we made just for you!



If you are an adventurer and love nature and would like to sleep in a comfortable bed and have a warm shower, we are the right place for you! Barrel Land Blidinje is a place where nature and luxury combine, come and experience a 1001 star hotel


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