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The sleeping barrel is the central object that adorns our camp. The barrel is 4 feet long and is divided into two parts; the first part is for socializing with two benches, a table and shelves that contain what you need to stay, while the second part makes a large king size sleeping bed with a large window overlooking the lake and the sky full of stars. Because of this we got the name "Accommodation with 1001 stars"


Wooden jacuzzi

An experience that is definitely worth trying is swimming in a unique wooden jacuzzi with a glass of good wine. A wooden jacuzzi is located in front of the barrel and is designed for two people. The jacuzzi is heated by wood. In addition to all the enjoyment that this experience offers, we also have healing properties with the aim of relaxing muscles and repairing circulation. 

Barbecue and rest

In order for your vacation to be completed, you need a couple of good steaks. That is why there is a place for barbecue and socializing in the center. Along with the barbecue there are unique wooden chairs as well as a hammock to enjoy the light breeze that infuses the smell of freshly baked food and the sound of fire to remind you what fairy tales look like.



When creating our unique camp, we made sure that our impact on the environment was very small, as was the case with the construction of the toilet, which was made to have a minimal impact on the environment. In addition, as for everything else, only natural materials were used.

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